The Ship's Log

July 29: A Visit to Roseway’s Birthplace

Logged on Tuesday July 29, 2014

photo“C Watch”

After our first anchor watch we had a great breakfast of eggs and bacon. Next we had morning chores and we rafted up alongside three other schooners; The Adventure, Harvey Gammage, and The Lady Maryland. After we got off the boats we got to see a sea food auction and got a tour of the fish processing plant. Our first reaction was that it was cold and stinky. We saw dog fish, monk fish, red snapper, flounder, and mackerel. Then we went to Gloucester Maritime Museum and learned different things about all different sorts of sea creatures. Our next stop was the Essex Ship Building Museum where we learned how to build a ship from scratch, the various parts on how to make a ship, and we laid the finishing touches on a scow and put it in the water so the wood could swell. Next we went to a park and climbed the Glacier Erratic. We stayed for a few hours and passed the time playing football and eating ice cream with a great view of the harbor. We walked about a mile and a half back to the boat and jumped into the ocean. We got to see the sunset as we were washing in the water that chilled us to the bone. After an excellent dinner, even though we were surrounded by seagulls, we were ready for another night of anchor watch and our amazing sailing adventure tomorrow.

July 28: After the Rain….Whales!

Logged on Monday July 28, 2014

imageB Watch: Sasha, Madison, Wade, Harry, Tanner, Jessie, Will

Last night most of us slept well but the waves of the boat were definitely different then we are used to. We slept all through night to arise at 7 am this morning. When we got up it was raining mildly. We ate are breakfast of blueberry pancakes in the salon because of the rain. We did a deck wash consisting of scrubbing the deck. We also washed the benches and counter tops and after they were cleaned we rinsed them with the fire hose. After cleaning we got the honor of helping raise the sails. Our day consisted of 3 rotations. The first rotation was seamanship. We learned about history on the Roseway and Boston Harbor. We also learned some knots. During active watch we saw some humpback whales. It was amazing!! Then we did reading and reflection. Finally we sailed into Gloucester harbor. We drop the sails and anchored. We can see Gloucester right in front of us  We had dinner of salad and tuna casserole. Then we did our evening chores. We are excited to see the town of Gloucester and explore Essex, where Roseway was built!


July 27: Summer Ambassador Program 2014 Begins

Logged on Sunday July 27, 2014

photo1A watch: Jess, Cassidy, Sergio, John

We all arrived, met up with our watches then went on boat tours. We all did 15 “I’m a Stars” to get ready for the trip, on the dock while people walked by and took photos.  Then we did an in depth safety chat and left the dock. We are currently anchored in Boston Harbor. While we were dropping the anchor we talked about ethical and moral values that we will live by for the next two weeks and apply to daily life. We came up with teamwork, respect, integrity, trust and responsibility out of a long list of values. The weather cleared up for a great potato and ham dinner. After we ate we cleaned up and did some chores. We are excited to leave Boston Harbor and head for Maine to hopefully see whales and eat lobster.


July 26: Summertime Education Aboard Roseway

Logged on Saturday July 26, 2014

20140725_114435This week The Roseway hosted 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the Paraclete program.  We had beautiful, sunny weather all week which made for perfect sailing. We had a lot of fun sailing around the harbor each day watching out for different boats, lobster traps, and buoys while we stood bow watch-one day we even saw a seal!  We took a tour of the boat and saw different compartments such as the foc’s’le (where the crew sleeps), the forepeak (where we store extra paint and supplies), and the galley (where we cook meals).  We practiced navigating the Roseway by steering at the helm, triangulating our position, and using a compass to stay on course.  We practiced tying knots and coiling lines to keep the deck clear and safe.  On the first day we practiced throwing heaving lines to help tie the boat to the dock after our adventures.  We also learned how a boat floats by constructing our own little boats from tin foil.  We wrote poems about our time on the Roseway out to sea.  We read cool stories in book club about the Titanic, Rosa Parks, and glaciers. On Wednesday we docked at Lowell’s Island to have lunch and played Hunger Games. On Friday we did a treasure hunt throughout the boat where we created a song about the four sails on the boat, sang it to the captain, and got cookies!

Each day we raised the sails, and each day it got easier and easier since we were working together as a team!


July 12: Summer Pathways Aboard Roseway

Logged on Monday July 14, 2014

20140712_165838_edited-1July 11, 2014  At 2123
Today we started with 10 “I’m a stars”. At first, we felt like that activity was childish, but it was actually a great way to start off this adventure. We were broken up into 3 groups and walked onto the ship. We were all very excited, yet nervous to embark on the new experience. Before departing, we learned a lot about how the ship works. Once we were out on the water, we got to help pull up the sails, which was very cool! We each got one fruit and nuts granola bar and devoured them because we were so hungry and couldn’t wait till dinner. Group A got to set up for dinner and eat first. We all ate the lovely, fantastic chicken pot pie with veggies and fruit. We didn’t really think about how cold it was because the food was so good. We all were excited what desert had in store for us next. We ate the wonderful desert and no one threw up. The sunset and moon were gorgeous and you could see the Boston skyline.

July 12th, 2014  At 0905

It was a good experience to be exposed to how the crew worked together: their communication and how things worked well. All exited to climb the rigging and the bowsprit. It was also interesting to see how many times they check the boat at night and how it was cool to play a part in that; the view was spectacular. We’re also excited for when the boat sets sail again and be a major part of it. Everyone (including the crew) is very friendly and the telling of the history of the Roseway was captivating. There’s a lot of rigorous work on the boat, from knowing what knots to use to actually maintaining it. We enjoyed doing activities together and taking time to know each other as a group.

July 12, 2014 At 1545

After a semi-restful night taking turns on anchor watch, we ate a delicious breakfast. After having breakfast we worked together as a team on the morning boat chores. We cleaned the deck and operated the fire hose. We had to use a lot of strength to pull the sails into position. Next, we had an interesting lesson about navigation. The coolest part of the morning was climbing onto the bowsprit and enjoying the calm sea. The weather was beautiful and cooperative. We were all thankful that there was no rain. It was also interesting to perform a boat check, seeing the different bilges and the engine room. We had bow watch duties and helped the captain steer. Our favorite part of the afternoon was facing our fears and climbing the rig. The view was fantastic. Finally, we calculated the speed of the boat using a unique method of dropping crackers off of the boat, and we learned a brief history of Boston Harbor. It was a great experience to work as a group and start off our week at Summer Pathways.

June 28: Revere Kids Master Sail-Training

Logged on Friday June 27, 2014

revereThis past week Revere students from three different middle schools joined the Roseway crew for a week of team building, learning, and adventure. The students spent the week learning seamanship skills, such as tying knots and doing boat checks, learning the science and math behind sailing, writing poetry and supporting each other while climbing up the rig and out on the bowsprit. The Roseway crew loved working with these students and seeing their inquisitiveness grow each day. We were impressed by their desire to know about everything that was going on around them and their willingness to help out whenever possible. We are also impressed that these students will spend all of next week with their teachers who will be reinforcing academics learned on board, as was as the teamwork and community values– all during their first week of summer vacation!!

I  learned how to speak up and not be shy while on the Roseway. I missed the first day and I was really nervous but other kids helped me out and cheered me on which was nice.     -Kim Cano (13)

 I usually prefer to work alone but I felt respected within my groups and we used good communication to work together as a team.     - Makayla Trickett (13)




June 20: What A Week!

Logged on Friday June 20, 2014

20140619_134700Summer has hit Boston in all it’s glory. We’ve got a strong breeze, sunny skies, and lot’s of energetic kids on board.

This week we welcomed three Boston schools on board: Eliot School, MATCH Charter School, and Josiah Quincy School ranging from 4th-graders to high schoolers. Students were challenged in hands-on academics, inspired to test their courage and trust by climbing the rig, and encouraged to develop their team-building skills throughout the week.

Tomorrow may officially be the first day of summer, but we’ve had summer awesome-ness on board all week!


June 15: Boy Scout Troop 10 Aboard!

Logged on Monday June 16, 2014

BoyscoutsA Watch Ship’s Log

Lexington Boy Scout troop 10 boarded the Roseway Saturday morning. They were greeted by eight enthusiastic crew members, who had prepared multiple engaging activities. Smaller groups were able to help raise the sails, which weighed around 4,000 pounds! Later scouts enjoyed activites such as climbing the rig, learning about simple machines, how the sails worked, and played a rigged game of tug-of-war. Scouts were also able to hang out on the bow sprit. Lunch, and dinner were served on the ship before arriving at Lovell’s Island, in the Boston Harbor. Scouts learned about boat navigation, and the history of the Boston Harbor, and the actual Roseway ship. Also, scouts were able to help steer the ship, and help with the active watch and filling out the transit log. All in all the scouts had a very eye-opening experience in learning how the life of a sailor is.

B Watch Ship’s Log

We got onto the dock and raised sails of the boat. It was easier the second time to raise the sails. We learned a lot of history about the Roseway. It was scary when we went up on the rig. We had to climb out on the bow sprit, it was awesome. We feel  like real sailor boys now. We learned about a lot of different names for parts of the boat. The stern is the back, the starboard is the right, the bow is the front, and the port is the left. The four sails are the mainsail, foresail, jumbo, jib. We got to practice signaling the captain when we were on active watch. Our job was to show the captain if there was something coming up in the path of the boat. We worked really hard on cleaning the boat. We had a knot tying competition, and C watch cheated so they won. I think we all know who the real winners were. Our cheer goes like this, “BZZZZ B WATCH!!!!” Zac got his gum taken away. The sailing was very different today, because there is actually wind, where as yesterday there was an utter lack of wind. This turn of events led us to move faster today than yesterday. Docking was fun. We were nervous that we were going to hit the dock. The water was very shallow. Leeroy felt sad because it snowed. L

C Watch Ship’s  Log

We got on to the boat.  We then raised the sails. We had lunch. It was good. We learned about simple machines and  played a rigged game of tug of war. We then went on the bowsprint. Zeno threw up couple of times. We were on bow watch. We steered the boat. We climbed the rig. We had dinner it was good. We had Hot Dogs, beans, and fruit salad. Then we got off. We got back on the boat. Then we had breakfast. We had sausages,  sandwiches,and a banana. Then we had a knot competition were we tied with A watch. Some of us steered the boat again. Now we are typng this.

June 1: School at Sea

Logged on Sunday June 1, 2014

Christa_McAulliffeSaturday: We first arrived and did “I’m A Stars.” We were divided into three groups- A, B and C Watch. We got a tour of the boat and learned about all the different safety features. We unpacked our things and were kind of surprised at the size of our bunks. They were a little on the smaller side. We cast off shore and raised the sails. It was tough work. As we sailed out of the harbor, we tied knots and learned about the history of Roseway. Some of the knots were complex and others were easy and a breeze. The weather was at first really hot. We were all sweating. As the day progressed, the temperature dropped. We all piled on layers of clothes due to the amount of shivering. Since the boat is made of wood, there is a lot of creaking and a lot of fire extinguishers. Dinner was delicious and then we did chores.  

Sunday: The boat rocked and rolled last night and falling asleep was tough. We were woken for our anchor watches. It was chilly outside, but the sky was beautifully clear. After a quick cookie, we checked all the bilges, including the one in the engine room. The door looked like a regular cabinet in the galley, but it had a magical land called the engine room. It was very warm down there and we check our waste and fuel levels. Both were good. We checked the anchor to make sure the chain was taut. We checked out bearings using a handheld compass to make sure we hadn’t drifted. We checked the amps and voltages on the ships batteries. All was well and we happily went back to sleep. This morning, we woke up to clear skies and warm temps. We did 15 “I’m A Stars.” Then, as C-Watch, we set up the dishes for breakfast. The monkey bread was heavenly. After breakfast we washed the dishes and other washed the cabin, the deck and the fishhold. Alyssa is looking forward to the mysteries the day beholds. Aden is looking forward to raising the sails again. Scotia and Gracyn are looking forward to climbing the rig and our Roseway watch leader is excited to teach us about navigation, trade routes, simple machines, lift, Boston Harbor history, Deer Island water treatment and so much more. 

May 23: Weathering the weather and loving it

Logged on Friday May 23, 2014

IMG_2351At the start we were anxious, but then it mostly went away. People were scared because there was a lot to take in and the boat was rocking. We started with a tour of the boat, and got our bunks situated. We learned how to and then completed the task of raising the sails.  Then we learned how to tie knots, like the figure eight and square knots.  After that we learned about the history of the Roseway (that it was built in 1925).  Raising the sails was easy at first but then it became more difficult the higher the sail went.  It was a lot of fun but you can feel the ship sway back and forth a lot.  Dinner was delicious, but there were chores to be completed before and after the meal.  Dishes had to be washed, the kitchen cleaned, and the area where we ate scrubbed.  We are excited to get out of the harbor tomorrow.