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04/27/17 - Preserving Our Historic Landmark Schooner

Gloucester, MA

Ava, Deckhand Educator

Our yard period is in full swing! The day after completing our voyage north and docking at the Gloucester Marine Railways, we jumped right into down rigging and haven’t stopped since. All the running rigging was meticulously labeled as it came down, the topmast was lowered, and w…

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03/16/17 - Final Day on Roseway

St. Thomas, USVI

JWOs: Taber, Shekinah, and Nadia

 When we woke up today, the ship had already started sailing. We went on deck and started doing stretches, I’m a Stars, and chores. After that, we had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and freshly made toppings. We spent the day doing rotations of Seamanship, Reading and Reflectio…

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03/15/17 - Challenge and Growth

Vieques, Puerto Rico

JWOs: Amelia, Keshaun, and Drake

We set sail from Culebrita today and we transited to Vieques, Puerto Rico. The sail was slow, but we engaged in many activities, such as: writing poetry, riding the bow sprit, doing the usual boat checks, and eating spaghetti with meat sauce. Even though this has been an amazing …

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03/14/17 - Ship, Shipmate, Self


JWOs for the Day: Kai, Kitori, Ricquan

One of the fundamental values students learn on Roseway is the phrase "Ship, Shipmate, Self". It is important to balance taking care of the ship, take care of your shipmates, and take care of yourself. We hope students apply this concept to their lives after they depart by taking…

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03/13/17 - First Day Underway

Cayo Louis Pena

JWOs: Lyric, Pheonix, and Adelaide

On this voyage, students are taking turns as a Junior Watch Officers, or JWOs. They're the leaders for the day and assist the Captain, mates and deckhand educators. They help with wake-ups, communicate important information to their peers, help stick to our schedule, and help lea…

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03/10/17 - Wrapping Up 7 Weeks of Elementary Schoolers

Susie, Program Coordinator

Today we said goodbye to the third group of Pearl B. Larson 5th graders we have had on board.  Before they departed, I asked each student what was the hardest thing they’ve done during their week on Roseway and also what was their favorite.  Interestingly, several of them stated …

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03/03/17 - Inspiration

Brett, Deckhand Educator

Hey friends!  Everyone's wishes for fair winds have really come through this week as we have been sailing on some of the highest seas our students have seen! The crew and students from Pearl B. Larson have all been wonderful at adapting to a rocking and rolling environment durin…

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02/24/17 - Core Values in Action

Zach, Deckhand Educator and Ship Steward

Heya! This is Zach writing to you about another great week onboard the Roseway. This week, we were lucky to have 5th and 6th grade students from Pearl B Larson, Reading Rainbow, and Good Hope Country Day elementary schools. I'll tell ya what, it never ceases to amaze me the respo…

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02/17/17 - A Living Textbook

Ava, Deckhand Educator

This week aboard the Roseway has been jam-packed with learning adventures and fun as we kicked off the week with students from Complex High School. It was great to work with this smaller group, sometimes even teaching one-on-one, and really finding out what makes each student get…

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