The Ship's Log

July 22: Aloft!

Logged on Wednesday July 22, 2015

CommonGroundShip’s Log C Watch 7/22/15: Jesus, Taylor, Miguel, Paula

Our day began at night, under the lights of Province Town Harbor, with the bioluminescence blinking green up at us from the water below. Squid flitted by the hull and the great, heaving back of a whale was seen shifting against the black sparkling water as we enjoyed delicious brownies, made hilarious jokes through the time old method of signal flags and assured our vessel was safe until the morning. The entire Common Ground student body rose promptly and were ready to decimate the “I’m a star’s” that begin every morning’s routine. We fought to raise the sails, and they fought back. IN the end we were smarter than the rope, and with a fair wind, we tacked about and set out for whales. But before we could see any we had to complete morning chores, which were dealt with handily by the students who now seemed old salts at the trade. We enjoyed a breakfast of sausage, egg and oatmeal and were ready for the beasts. We saw a lot of whales! Once again the whales playfully and curiously approached within one boat length of the ship, delighting some of the students as they saw them from aloft, having climbed the rig! Every one of us got aloft, some of us working through tremendous fear of heights and the unsettling roll of the ship. It was funnnnn.  While the wind died down from its initial ferocity, it picked up again after lunch, once we had set a course for Boston. The crew deftly handled sail and kept us safe as the rest of the watches continued to climb the rig, or learn about ocean life and environments, an interest for the subject having been sparked by our massive, baleen friends. We dropped sail and the hook just at the start of the Boston Harbor islands, and just in time for a scrumptious dinner of chicken parmesan and sweet watermelon. After dinner we got to see a double rainbow in the sky, and finished our chores under the setting sun. As we finish this log, we are happy for the experiences we had aboard the Roseway, even when we were first reluctant to do something, and will be sad to leave her.

July 21: Whales from the Bowsprit

Logged on Wednesday July 22, 2015

Common Gorund 3Ship’s Log B Watch, 7/20/15: Hilda, Fatou, Ihsan, Mariela, Aridyan

As we wake up to stars shinning on the Roseway, we prepare for our first anchor watch. With a sweet midnight snack to wake us up from the rocking of the waves, we checked if the boat was in good health all around. In the free minutes we had in the darkness of the sky we continued to learn where we would set sail for in the morning.  Woken up by bunk mates around 7:30, we set the sails for the second time in a more comfortable manner. Yes it was hard work but we pushed through it and persevered.  As Captain Dwight steers us our watches begin to eat breakfast prepared by our on-board cook Collin. After eating our delicious meal we began our daily chores, before breaking into our watches to check for upcoming obstacles and learning what a real sailor does. As we came up on a whale watching boat everyone gathered on the deck.  While keeping our distance we spot whales far off. Then suddenly a Humpback Whale emerges by the starboard bow. There’s cheering all around, and smiley faces, knowing we are not the only ones in the sea. Best watch leaders, Hix and Sam encouraged us to enjoy our time in an extreme amount by going on the bowsprit. Sitting on the edge of the ship with your feet over water at deep sea is amazing. Riding the Roseway with no hands against big waves and encouraging others to join the moving moment I what this trip is all about. Afterwards, we separated in our watches for a few more hours and we navigated and steered our way to our destination of Provincetown on Cape Cod Bay. Enjoying the salty but refreshing water we tasted, swam, and jumped in the sea. After enjoying our time in the sea, we dried off to eat a delicious meal by our cook over a sky filled with a beautiful sunset.

We’ll see what exciting adventures tomorrow has in store for us.

July 20: Common Ground Sets Sail

Logged on Monday July 20, 2015

Common GroundShip’s Log A Watch, 7/20/15: Karissa, Fiona, Grace, Santino

We left Common Ground at approximately 10:30 am on a very small and very hot bus, thus beginning our Roseway adventure.  On the bus we played games to pass the time. Despite getting lost and arriving two hours early, we were still super excited! While waiting to board, we dispersed into Boston to explore.

Once we were allowed aboard, everyone had mixed feelings. Some were super excited, others worried about being sea-sick. We were introduced to the crew, and in our opening circle we learned the Dos and Don’ts of the ship, along with ice breakers. Then we were broken up into watch groups, and proceeded to settle into our home for the next four days. After getting to know our crewmates, we helped to cast off. This included raising the sail and learning how to watch the bow. Once sailing, we were able to relax a bit and learn the terminology of the ship. A swallow joined us for a short amount of time, landing on Cavo and proving that he was, in fact, a Disney princess. We then ate the most AMAZING dinner at 7pm, thanks to the ship’s cook Collin. Then Watch A did the dishes, which were finished wicked fast due to teamwork!

We are super excited for tomorrow, when we’ll hopefully see whales! Can’t wait till then!

July 11: Last Day at Sea for the Ambassadors

Logged on Saturday July 11, 2015

SAP22Ship’s Log C Watch (Christina, Hunter, Amari, Karen, Cassidy, John)
Boston Harbor

Hey, gang. This morning we woke up to cold, damp, weather and nice, warm oatmeal. But before we could enjoy our breakfast, we did 35 “I’m a Stars,” and raised sails as fast as we’ve ever done. Surprisingly the day decided to clear up into sunny skies and pristine blue waters. We polished off the last of our leftovers, with a complement of a cask of mac ‘n’ cheese, which was as delicious as it was gooey. After we finished our last rotations (ever), we started the Deckhand Olympics. Despite a valiant effort by C watch, we did not enter first place after three competitions including knot tying, coiling, and the heroic pin chase. After the Olympics we finished Captains Courageous, while our glorious and divine leader Cavo fixed the head… again.  We then proceeded onto the bow-sprit where we saw hundreds of jelly fish and seaweed drift by.  We had some slammin’ salmon for dinner, and the evening was crowned with a birthday celebration for one of our crew members Eliza. Chocolate Chip. Cookie pie. As we wrap up our chores we are now awaiting our arrival in Boston cracking jokes and soaking up the rest of the moments we have together.

July 10: Arriving at Appledore Island

Logged on Friday July 10, 2015

SAP 19Ship’s Log B Watch (Zach, Sergio, India, Ellie, & Fleur-Ann)
Appledore Island, NH

This morning, we got to sleep in a half an hour. After having a tasty breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and eggs, we headed to explore Appledore Island. First, we got a tour of the facilities on the island and saw many different sea organisms while a high school/collage group explained what they were called to us. We also learned there were two different types of seagulls living on the island; the black back seagull and the herring gull. Everywhere we went, you could see baby gulls with their moms flying or attempting to fly. Amari got attacked by a mother seagull. Before lunch, Sam took us around the island. After having lunch, we explored more of the island. Some people went looking for crabs, while others went on a walk to the cliffs. In the late afternoon, Mark Johnson, one of the professors, taught us about hagfish and how they were the beginning of vertebrates. Fun fact: eel-skin wallets aren’t actually made out of eel skin, they are made out of hagfish skin. While waiting to go back to the ship, we talked about shark movies and the combination of whales, dinosaurs and creepy fish. After having a dinner of rice, beans, chicken, and green beans, we are now doing our daily chores and awaiting our last full day together. Tomorrow will be a full day of sailing to Boston Harbor. Deckhand Olympics here we come!

July 9: Underway to Appledore Island

Logged on Thursday July 9, 2015

SAP18Ship’s Log A Watch (Gabby, Emily, Scott & Natasha)
Underway to Appledore Island

Today we woke up to a dense blanket of fog. We had a lot of ground to cover so we quickly got underway, raising the anchor and setting sail before breakfast.  The rough and rocky seas awaited us outside the safety of the bay. After breakfast and chores we started our rotations. We learned all about New England ecology and ocean currents from Sam while Eliza taught us buoyancy.  Armed with tin foil and our imagination we made boats, some of which floated. During our active watch we saw whales, porpoises, sunfish and a baby shark. Later into the afternoon, the sun reappeared and the seas clamed. We spent reading and reflection enjoying the pleasant weather. Natasha worked on her twelfth bracelet using basic sailor’s knots while everyone else attempted to learn a new knot. Emily learned the figure-eight loop while Scott mastered his bowline and Z learned the ocean braid mat. B Watch led the charge in climbing the rig, followed by C Watch. At the time of this log, A Watch is still eagerly awaiting their turn. Tomorrow, we will spend the day at Appledore Island exploring the natural tide pools and the Shoals Marine Laboratory. We hope to drop anchor around 9:30 and look forward to a good night’s sleep.

**Captain would like to note that we did indeed drop anchor at 9:27 PM.

July 8: Service Work at Hog Island

Logged on Wednesday July 8, 2015

SAP17Ship’s Log C watch (Christina, Hunter, Amari, Karen, Cassidy, John)
Hog Island, ME

This morning the ambassadors woke up Christina by singing Happy Birthday. We then proceeded to do 25 “I’m a Stars, and eat a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, and home fries. Then we got in our small boat and powered to shore to do some community service. The first project we did was building bridges for the hiking trail. After that we had a picnic of PB&J, granola bars, and chips. Soon after that, we started to remove some invasive species. The two different plants we were looking for were: Asiatic Jewel Weed and Sunset Rose. While we were taking out the plants, Amari and Cassidy spotted a baby bird that was learning how to fly. It was so cute! This was a lot of hard work and we definitely needed showers afterwards. Thankfully we were lucky enough to get some. While waiting for the showers, Cassidy, John and Z stained some bird houses for the camp, and let’s just say that when Cassidy paints something, she decides to paint herself too. After finally being clean, we went back to the Roseway to have some delicious spaghetti and meat sauce that the ambassadors simply devoured after being so hungry from a long day of hard work. Then we sang Happy Birthday and had some great Nutella cake for Christina. After that, it was chore time, and of course C watch had dishes. There were so many of them! But we were thankful for the help we had. Needless to say, it was a great, long, and tiring day.

July 7: A Classroom Underway

Logged on Tuesday July 7, 2015

SAP16Ship’s Log B watch  (Ellie, Sergio, Zach, India, and Fleur-Ann)
Hog Island, ME

This morning we woke up to bright sunshine and warm weather. After having a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, we started the day with raising the sails and headed north to Hog Island. On the way, we learned about the 6 simple machines and how they affect our work. Then we demonstrated what buoyancy was with tinfoil boats. After having a warm lunch of tomato soup, grilled cheese, veggies and chips, we then went on to active watch where we watched actively at the bow while some of us steered the boat at the helm.  When we were supposed to be reading and reflecting, we got to go out unto the bow sprit and see the boat from a different point of view. While there, we sailed by Eastern Egg Island and saw puffins. Even though we thought we were out there for only 10 minutes, actually we were out on the bow sprit for 40 minutes. It was a awesome experience.  Then we finished sailing to Hog Island and anchored near the shore. A few of us then jumped into the cold water. Cavo took a video of himself, along with John and Amari jumping in. After swimming, we all enjoyed a dinner of rice, curried chicken, coleslaw, and broccoli.  Tomorrow, we will do trail maintenance on Hog Island. It was a beautiful…happy day.

July 6: Lobster Bake With Captain Perry

Logged on Monday July 6, 2015

SAP17Ship’s Log C watch  (Christina, Hunter, Amari, Karen, Cassidy, John)
Harpswell Harbor, ME

To start off our day we woke up to an amazing rendition of the Virgin Islands’ March, and 20 “I’m a Stars”.  After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and yummy biscuits, we set sail for Bailey Island. We went through our rotations seeing many different marine species, like: birds, seals, porpoises, jelly-fish and more birds. After a lunch of deconstruction chicken noodle soup, our group decided to try making Turk’s Heads. Some of which were successful, others not so much. While the rest of us were making our bracelets, Hunter was teaching himself new knots. Along our way to our destination, we fired our signal cannon to the schooner Alert.  While lowering sails, Amari and Cassidy got to go out on the bowsprit to furl the Jib Sail. Finally, we anchored and took a trip up to Captain Perry’s house for a delicious lobster bake, where we also had moose meat, and striped bass. Some of us played football, and others played soccer. Sergio, John and Cassidy were surprised by former summer ambassador, and good friend, Conlon. We came home to do evening chores, and to prepare for another full day of sailing to Hog Island in the morning.


July 5: Seamanship and Fireworks

Logged on Sunday July 5, 2015

SAP14Ship’s Log A Watch (Natasha, Z, Gabby, Emily, Scott)
Casco Bay

Happy Independence Day! We started our day with a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner performed by the JWO’s followed by a steaming hot breakfast of oatmeal. We quickly got underway to view the majestic views of Casco Bay. A Watch ran through a mock pin chase in preparation for the Deckhand Olympics (they did a phenomenal job) and got a crash course is basic navigation. We learned how to plot our course and find our position using latitude and longitude. We had a delicious lunch of leftovers and continued with our rotations. During active watch we saw seals, jellyfish and porpoises in their natural habitat which caused Sam to bring up her hatred for dolphins, causing a bit of controversy. For reading and reflection we kept reading Captain’s Courageous and then practiced our knot-work while making friendship bracelets. After rotations, we got the whole crew involved in making bracelets. Natasha gladly volunteered for the fire hose (twice!) despite it not being part of her watch duties. We are currently anchored off by Falmouth eagerly awaiting Fourth of July fireworks. Tomorrow we’ll get underway to Harpwell’s Bay and we‘re a little sad to say goodbye to Portland.