The Ship's Log

April 16: A Selection of Poetry by Julius Sprauve Students

Logged on Wednesday April 16, 2014

IMG_70882My Home

To the Roseway again I will be
With my friends & myself at sea
The winds a-blowing
The ships a-turning
My life at sea with no tree
No bees r buzzing no birds are tweeting
only the sea is calling me
my love life at sea is my home


Today is fun on the Roseway ship
It was especially fun on the bowsprit
And tomorrow is another day
To learn something new
With all of my friends and the Roseway crew.
We pulled up sails and learned navigation
It was awesome going from station to station

April 12: A Full Week with St. Thomas Students

Logged on Monday April 14, 2014

20140408_090019This past week, the Roseway crew had the opportunity to work with 250 St Thomas students from grades 7-12. With the generous support of Senator Malone, Sub Base Dry Dock and Yacht Haven Grande, the students learned about life onboard, as well as the physics of lift, navigation and trade routes. Students were also exposed to the vast maritime career opportunities that are right in their backyard in the harbor.

Senator Malone stated, ” It is my hope that our children will be inspired by this trip. It is a small step toward cultivating greater homegrown prosperity as these are truly growth industries both here and around the world. I want our students to be leaders in these fields, but first they must be encouraged. Not enough of our young people are exposed to all that the marine industry has to offer and it has been my mission to change that through these kinds of programs.”

The Roseway crew loved working with these students, as well as the almost daily visits from Senator Malone who came down to the dock to greet the crew and students. They are also very proud that they were able to do their part in helping Senator Malone’s mission by exposing local students to opportunities on the water.

March 15: Saying Goodbye

Logged on Sunday March 16, 2014

20140315_102207This morning,  after a rousing performance of Roseway inspired anchor watch raps, our students went for one final science based snorkel. Upon returning, we raised sails and set off for Cruz Bay. As we shuttled students to shore and waved goodbye, the Roseway crew reflected on our week. We are so proud of the Gifft Hill students from St John and the Kimball Union Academy students who come from snowy New Hampshire. All students came together as a Roseway crew this week as they participated in a marine science program aboard. We loved learning alongside the inquisitive students, as they snorkeled the shoreline, listened to guest speakers,  hunted for lionfish and played endless games on deck. We hope that all students continue to ask questions about the world around them and keep up with sailing! We learned so much from these students and wish them all the best!

March 14: Wrapping it Up

Logged on Friday March 14, 2014

20140314_075051-1C Watch: Nina, Alex, Nadia, Abby, Aaron

Friday was a day full of adventurous,  yet windy travel as we set sail from Francis Bay to Rendevous Bay on St John’s south side. Following a series of mishaps in picking up the anchor from the seashore bottom near Mary’s Point, we sucesfully got the Roseway out of the clear blue bay it had been staying in for the past two days. We arrived in Rendevous Bay at around 12:30 pm after a delicious vegetarian lunch. For the rest of the afternoon, we studied the various types of sea grass in St. John by snorkeling around some grassy beds around the boat. We saw many kinds of urchins, serpent stars, a barracuda, some turtles and even a southern stingray. Another very entertaining activity that occured was right before dinner. I am talking about the game “Two Truths and a Lie,” of course. We found out many things about each other. All in all, we look forward to getting back on land, however we will always miss our time aboard the Roseway and will have learned many things by the end of our trip!

March 13: Defending Our Waters Against Lionfish

Logged on Thursday March 13, 2014

image5Watch B: Marina, Landis,Evan, Jesse, Jack

Today we learned the signifigance of coral bleaching and about the invasive species, the lionfish. After hearing a lecture about coral bleaching from a Gifft Hill School teacher, Mr. D., we headed out with our snorkel gear to get an up close look. Our first stop was Waterlemon Cay. After an hour or so of observing the reefs, we returned to the Roseway for lunch.  A second lecture from Mr. D followed lunch. This time we heard about lionfish. Once again we headed out with snorkel gear, this time to Mary’s Point, in hopes of spearing some lionfish. Upon this mission, we witnissed a black-tip shark, a stingray, an octopus,  lots of fish, a sea turtle, a barracuda, and more coral. By the end of the trip, seven lionfish were extracted. To conclude our study, we were able to take part in dissecting lionfish. We finished the long day with ocean showers, and a delicious dinner of fried chicken. We go to bed anticipating night watch and Della’s delicious cookies.

March 12: On to Francis Bay

Logged on Wednesday March 12, 2014

20140312_143430-1A Watch- Elena, Maeven, John, Katie, Sam

The fish hold was filled with a cacophony of moans from the students as the jipper voices of crew woke us up this morning. Kids were half asleep as they hoisted sails, but quickly woke up after breakfast and morning chores. Setting sail for Francis Bay, the journey was filled with rotations including going out on the bow sprit, lessons in seamanship and a little time for reading and reflection on our time aboard Roseway. Once anchored, Jeff Miller came aboard and taught us about coral reefs and sponges. He explained to us about how our corals are dying and how we are the main cause for dying reefs. After a hearty lunch, we got in our friend, Mr. Dana Robe’s power boat. He took us out to snorkel around Waterlemon Cay and we saw Mr. Miller’s lessons firsthand (and a couple of sea turtles). We ended the day with deck showers and a delicious dinner of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. After evening muster we will be watching a fish identification presentation. Overall the day was a success and we look forward to the adventures of tomorrow.

March 11: The Good Life

Logged on Tuesday March 11, 2014

IMG_1461-1C Watch: Nina, Alex, Nadia, Abby, Aaron

Our experience upon the Roseway today began in the depths of the night when we were awoken by the subtle whispers of our fellow companions asking us to fulfill our anchor positions. Although many of us were cranky and tired, we stepped up and took responsibility for the vast amount of precious lives aboard the cracking vessel. To our surprise, however, quite a bit of bonding took place over the late-night watch jobs. We wrote comedic pros, ate delicious cookies, and gratefully sank back into our beds after an hour of “hard work.” In the wee hours of the morning, we separated into two groups. One group stayed on the boat, while the others drove out to St. John’s East End to kayak and snorkel in Hurricane Hole. The group that remained on the boat went for a swim and learned about the importance of pins and ropes in the structure of a sailboat, in addition to climbing the rigging of the Roseway itself! Around 2:00pm, each group switched postions. The boat-side group went East End-bound and the snorkeling/ kayaking group came back to the boat for a hearty lunch. We wrapped up the day by playing a multitude of improvisational comedic games, and it truly was a blast. In conclusion, it was a fun day and it is safe to say that we are all happy to travel to Francis Bay tomorrow!

March 10: From Red Hook to Coral Bay

Logged on Monday March 10, 2014

20140310_133956-1Watch B- Marina, Landis, Evan, Jesse and Jack

Today we woke up and embarked on our first sailing mission. We gathered to raise the sails as a team and left RedHook and started towards Coral Bay. During the journey, we broke into groups and learned the complicated duties of mantaining a vessel and participated in researching the turbidity of the waters around us. We learned how to tie knots, stand bow watch, how to check bilges, plot our position on the chart, and much more. After we arrived and the anchor was dropped, we gathered as a team once more to furl the sails. After a seven hour boat ride of hot sun and a quick rainstorm, everyone jumped into the water for an evening swim. We cannot wait for tomorrow and thr adventures it will bring.

March 9: Kimball Union Academy and Gifft Hill School Team Up

Logged on Monday March 10, 2014

A Watch- Elena, Maeven, John, Katie, Sam

Today, our first day on the Roseway we learned many things.  The new tastes, smells, and textures.  We experienced a new way of living one that none of us have experienced before. We felt like this day was the start of a whole new chapter of an adventure novel.  We cannot wait to get under sail and see first hand the beauties of the Roseway. Our day started for some of us when we woke up at four in the morning in the ice cold weather borded a air craft where we sped away to the Caribbean.  After arriving we met up with the kids from the Gifft Hill School.  Their day opened a different way.  After working a school auction all night they woke up quite late at almost noon for some the headed to the ferry dock later and said their good byes to family and borded the ferry to St. Thomas.  The two groups met up and in a massive pack headed down the board walk to dock E where the two dinghys took us in small packs to the Roseway when we approached the vessel the sight was magnificent.  Walking abord her decks was equally as amazing.  Learning her intense history and seeing her secret compartments was amazing.  When the heavenly food touched my mouth I felt almost alight. Goodnight

March 7: Wrapping Up A Great Week

Logged on Friday March 7, 2014

20140307_115240-1This Friday was bittersweet for the Roseway crew as they said goodbye to 5th grade students from Free Will Baptist and 4th-6th graders from St. Croix Christian Academy. Bitter because they will miss the students who worked so hard all week on everything from navigation, buoyancy, poetry of the sea, climbing the rig, speed tests, throwing heaving lines, simple machines, going out to the bow and so much more!  Sweet because they know that all students are ending their week on a proud and meaningful note as this morning they reflected on their accomplishments from the week. Students will leave remembering the important values of teamwork, communication, trust, self-worth and reflection and will bring these into their own communities. We couldn’t be more proud of all of the students and wish them the best of luck! These students know that once they become part of Roseway‘s crew, they will always be part of Roseway‘s crew!