Ships Log

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03/24/16 - Gifft Hill School: A Sailor's Life

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

A Watch: Motali, Sh'Nyah, Lily Margo, Ananda, Sharianys, Benji

Today we started off waking up a little later than usual at 7:30, ate delicious breakfast sandwiches prepared by Della. At morning muster people came up with fantastic and creative songs and poems that they prepared during anchor watch. Our first team task of the day was reefing …

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03/23/16 - Gifft Hill School: Life at Sea Brings a Change of Plans

C Watch: Mya, Koba, Akhil, Caila, Emily

Today we woke up a little earlier, at 0645, expecting to go to St. Croix. But Captain Tom mustered us and told us that the seas would be up to and above 8 feet tall and it was too rough of a voyage, so we decided to sail around the island of Culebra instead. So we had a delicious…

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01/21/16 - One Last Sail: Returning to St. Croix

B Watch: Katie, Claire, Morgan, Carter, Amanda

Today we took our last sail on the Roseway as we traveled to St. Croix. A ten hour sail gave us time to enjoy the ship and reflect on our voyage. As we climbed out on the bowsprit (the wooden spear at the front of the ship) we took the opportunity to think about our time here in…

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01/19/16 - At One with the Turtles

C Watch

Today was… TURTLE DAY!!! After an early breakfast we headed over to a sea turtle preserve and had the opportunity to snorkel among Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. We were amazed at how close these magnificent creatures came to us. We also saw sting rays, sea cucumbers, starfish …

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01/18/16 - A View from the Top and Bound for the Spanish Virgin Islands

B Watch: Amanda, Carter, Morgan, Katie, Claire L

Today we started our day off early with a downhill hike to Reef Bay. Inside the national park we saw golden orb spiders, hermit crabs a plenty and fruit bats. Along the way down the trail we learned all about the different trees the Taino Indians and early European settlers used …

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01/17/16 - Education Underway on a Sunday Funday

A Watch: Katy, Kennedy, Erik, Froeydis, Abbi, Anna

Today was our second day anchored at Maho Bay, but just because we didn’t hoist the sails on the Roseway doesn’t mean we didn’t have one of the fullest experiences yet. We began the day with morning chores and a thoughtful class discussion about our two slave narrative readings; …

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01/14/16 - Moods of the Sea

Froeydis, Erik, Claire F

The sea is a fickle mistress, her moods like a pendulum. One day she is sweet and soft, the next; full of fury and spite. To judge the mood of the mighty force, listen to her roar. Listen to her humShe can kiss a sailor safely to port, but watch out for the deadly bite.When she i…

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