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09/01/16 - What do you do at home when there is no wind in your sails?

Calia, Kailah, Jasiah, Jarred, Susie, Joelle

When there is ‘no wind in our sails’ we talk to an experienced adult that gives us positive feedback (such as Elise, Scott, Wendy, or Maia).  These people help us find common ground, tell us how it is, and make us feel better about the situation. In order to get ‘wind in your sai…

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08/31/16 - Trust and Courage Required

C Watch - Garrett, Izaiah, AJ, Alexis, Jennifer

Today we raised the fore’sl and then got underway. We got to learn the pins and eventually got to the humpback whales. We got to see 3 of them breach in a row and another one that was lovin’ life. There wasn’t much wind but it was still really cool to see the whales. On our way t…

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08/30/16 - Outside of Comfort Zones

B Watch: Nick, Cam, Beth, Megan, Janae

Getting on the Roseway forced us to leave our comfort zone by doing things we’re not used to doing. We aren’t able to eat and sleep when we want, we are on a structured schedule, we don’t have our phones, we wake up in the middle of the night, and we do not have as much control a…

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08/29/16 - Camp Harbor View LITs aboard Roseway: First Impressions

A Watch: Jarred, Calia, Jasiah, Kailah

It is exactly what we thought it would be like.  We were scared, then we weren’t scared.  We enjoyed the views – you don’t get to see the perspective from a boat very often.  We enjoyed sitting on the boat and looking down into the water.  It made us feel some type of way.  Unlik…

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08/19/16 - A Final Farewell

Today we said goodbye to all of the students from Seacoast Youth Services. It's been an incredible week and we can't wait to see all of you again sailing aboard Roseway!…

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08/18/16 - Sailing through the Night into the Final Day

The Avengers (Scooter, Caleb, Kaylyn, Katie, Olivia, Kyle)

Today was our last day. During the entirety of this trip, we learned how to raise the sails, tie various knots, coil the lines, and how to furl the sails. The best of all, we became closer to each other. We will be returning home knowing so much more about each other then from wh…

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08/16/16 - Making Connections at Sea

B Watch: Desirae, Paul, Dayton, Maggie, Tashin

Today a lot happened. Not much differently from yesterday, but still a lot. A few very exciting things happened as well. We had a micro-burst that blew rain in sideways under our awning and we managed to lose (accidentally) the dreaded red bucket. [Seriously, everyone hates that …

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