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07/22/17 - Embracing the Adventure!

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

July 21, 2017: Today’s journal entry was written by Tysun. We learned a lot about using our resources to problem solve today. First, we needed to free our propeller from some lobster pots that we had caught. Then later in the afternoon, we needed to repair both of our heads. All …

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07/21/17 - "Leveling Up" to Take On New Challenges

Stonington, ME

July 20, 2017: The crew woke up and were ready to go with speed and efficiency! We got our chores done and went into ecology class and deck projects, then set sail for Stonington, Maine. The coastline is beautiful, but the fog rolled in again. Watch rotations are longer now--2 ho…

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07/20/17 - Anchor Watch Songs

Rockland, ME

July 19, 2017: This morning we woke up to another foggy day, but we were able to jump in the water and wash up for the first time in a few days! Another day with little wind and lots of fog, but students and crew came together to make it to Rockland, Maine. We learned our pi…

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07/19/17 - Positive, Patient, Productive

Boothbay Harbor, ME


July 18, 2017: Waking up early in the morning (around 6:45am), being the one of the first students to wake up and wash up was almost relaxing. The fog in the morning was thick. The waves went from calm to trippy, and everybody woke up with “morning blues.” We set sail later …

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07/18/17 - Sunsets, Stars, Schooners and Shoreline

Portland, ME


July 17, 2017: Hey everybody, it’s Brandyn. Today the students of Boston Day and Evening and the crew of Roseway voyaged from the coast of New Hampshire to Portland, Maine. With clear skies and a gentle breeze pushing us forward to our destination before it died down completely f…

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07/17/17 - Connect, Learn and Listen

Portsmouth, NH


July 16, 2017: Hey guys as you know, it’s Mo, and I’m just happy to be on this trip. Today was another great day that started off with a beautiful sunrise during my night watch. Waking up this morning was tough but my mood was quickly changed by a couple of jokes made on the boat…

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07/17/17 - Raising Sails and Celebrating Waldy's Birthday

Gloucester, MA

July 15, 2017: We're underway! After a discussion about how to take care of this ship, our shipmates, and ourselves, we set sail and practiced a Man Overboard Drill. We then headed for Gloucester, MA and raised the sails for the first time. The students eagerly jumped right in! W…

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07/15/17 - Welcoming BDEA Students aboard Roseway

July 14, 2017: On Friday afternoon, students arrived for the first day of the International Summer Learning Voyage (ISVL), a three-week voyage sailing to Nova Scotia and back! They settled in to their bunks, played bonding games with the crew, participated in a photo shoot, and w…

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07/09/17 - From Strangers to Teammates: Last Day aboard Roseway

Boston Harbor, MA

Alexis, Gianna & Yahciry

July 8, 2017: 10 days ago we were strangers and now we’re teammates that have grown together over the past days. From sunny sailing days to awful rainy days we had it all on this boat. Today we went to Thompson Island and we helped cut down trees as part of helping our environmen…

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