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See what Roseway is all about

07/25/16 - YouthBuild Boston aboard Roseway

Today on the Roseway we had YouthBuild Boston! They were an amazing group of smart students that spent the day learning about simple machines, navigation, and knots. They also had the opportunity to challenge themselves and go out on our bowsprit. There were moments of hesitation…

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07/10/16 - Summer Pathways Sets Sail

​A Watch: Crew; Joelle and Danielle, Students; Kelly, Lexia, Elizabeth, Meghan, Kylie, Maggie, Adele, Jennifer

During the beginning of our week long STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program, called Summer Pathways, we started the week with an eye opening experience. All 22 of us high school students from the Greater Boston area with varying interests and experiences b…

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07/09/16 - Wrapping Up a Stellar Voyage

A Watch: Crew; Danielle and Monica, JWO; Woody, Ambassadors; Penny, Ellie, De-Andrae, Patrick

Our last day aboard the schooner Roseway began with a trip to Camp Harbor View on Boston Harbor’s Long Island! There, we were kindly welcomed and invited to take part in a number of activities. These included swimming, sailing, rock climbing, field sports, and arts and crafts (an…

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07/07/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: A Foggy Day at Sea

C watch – M-Rod, Griffen, Ryan, Truman, Josie, Daniel, Noah, and Joelle

Some of us awoke this morning to go for a swim at 0630 at Cape Cod. The 70 degree water of Cape Cod was a vast improvement on the frigid waters of Southern Maine. Yesterday we ran over a fishing line to avoid hitting a whale. This morning the Captain dove down and cut it off the …

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07/06/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Whale Watch

Crew: Karen and Sam; JWO: Kenny; Ambassadors: Shane, Gianna, Ammiel, Denny, Phillip

We set off on the beautiful ocean to begin our sail to Province Town. Humpback whales guided us to our destination. All together we watched at the rails. Loved and listened to the whales. Everyone enjoyed sitting on the bowsprit to see the boat from a different angle. We a…

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07/05/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Underway Again

Today we go, Sailing to and fro. Through the ocean foam, It’s our delight to roam. The horn bellowing, loud and bold, Whilst we float across the water, blue and cold. We master nautical skills, Out of sight of fields and hills. Fog across the sky, Like a fresh corps near…

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07/04/16 - Happy July 4th form the Summer Ambassadors

Watch leaders: Joelle, Noah; JWO: Madison; Ambassadors: Truman, Ryan, Josie, Griffin, Daniel

Happy Fourth of July!! Today we were able to explore the city of Portland, Maine. We went to a park and we also saw Portland memorials, such as the USS Portland, which received Japan’s surrender and ended World War II. Next we walked to another park where we ate drumstick ice c…

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07/03/16 - Making Tracks to Portland Maine

​B Watch: Crew: Karen and Sam; JWO: Kenny; Ambassadors; Denny, Ammiel, Philip, Shane, Gianna

Today we sailed to Portland, were a little halfway through our trip and have been enjoying every minute of it…So far we’ve seen whales! It’s always so exciting to hear the call of someone on board, “There she blows!” almost everything on the ship stops (even impromptu mid-day mus…

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07/02/16 - A Summer Ambassador Poem

​A watch- Crew: Monica and Danielle; JWO: Sam (woody) Ambassadors: Penny, Ellie, De-Andrae, Patrick

The water is cold Team work helped us do the job Tossing the ball high Across the salty bottom When I dive to their cold world Armored lobsters crawl Soft breeze kiss my face Close friends make us laugh often Cool sea through my veins Splashes in the air A circle of fri…

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07/01/16 - Minke Whales Ho!

​C- Watch – Noah, Joelle, M-Rod, Daniel, Griffin, Josie, Truman, and Ryan

For anchor watch last night, some of us had a hard time getting up. Our anchorage was exposed to the sea, and the boat rocked vigorously all night long. We set our sails before breakfast because we knew we had a 10 hour sail ahead of us. We and are still underway as we write thi…

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