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06/14/16 - The Sixers Take to the High Seas

The Sixers (sixth graders from Kingsley Montessori School)

First, we boarded the boat, and it was very windy and we were all a little nervous and excited to get underway. We raised the sails and learned to truly work as a team. Then, we split into our watch groups and took a lot of responsibility onto our shoulder. Most of us went to do…

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06/10/16 - A Piece of Roseway History Returns!

By Monica McCallum, Education Coordinator

Today a piece of history came back to Roseway. We received the original chronometer from Harold Hathaway's grandnephew! This was the clock originally used to assist in navigation when Roseway was first being sailed. Since Harold Hathaway was the original owner of Roseway the capt…

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06/08/16 - Haley Pilot School 4th Graders Set Sail

Boston Harbor

By Monica McCallum, Education Coordinator

This week Roseway has been riddled with 4th graders from Haley Pilot! They have been exploring the boat, learning some serious sailor skills, and getting excited to build their own boats in 5th grade with Community Boat Building! With all of this experience checking out charts an…

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06/02/16 - Inly School Keeps Roseway Underway

To start off the early morning, different groups assembled on the deck to assure the security and motion of the boat by participating in a night watch. We cycled through our night shifts every hour and twenty five minutes to make sure that someone was awake at all times. We set …

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06/01/16 - Inly School Students Set Sail for Massachusetts Bay

Today we, the Inly School got introduced to the boat and the crew. We spent a while learning the ropes and learning things like how to steer the boat. In the act of watch rotations, we are responsible for keeping our eyes on the water and report seeing that the captain should kno…

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05/30/16 - Tierney Learning Center Sets Sail

A Watch: Alek, Bisrat, Emani, Courtney, Judy

Today is our first day aboard the Roseway. We were all a little nervous because most of us had never been on a boat before, but we were still excited for all the new experiences. After getting name tagged we became official Roseway crewmembers. We did “I’m A Stars” to show every…

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03/24/16 - Gifft Hill School: A Sailor's Life

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

A Watch: Motali, Sh'Nyah, Lily Margo, Ananda, Sharianys, Benji

Today we started off waking up a little later than usual at 7:30, ate delicious breakfast sandwiches prepared by Della. At morning muster people came up with fantastic and creative songs and poems that they prepared during anchor watch. Our first team task of the day was reefing …

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03/23/16 - Gifft Hill School: Life at Sea Brings a Change of Plans

C Watch: Mya, Koba, Akhil, Caila, Emily

Today we woke up a little earlier, at 0645, expecting to go to St. Croix. But Captain Tom mustered us and told us that the seas would be up to and above 8 feet tall and it was too rough of a voyage, so we decided to sail around the island of Culebra instead. So we had a delicious…

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