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08/14/17 - Deckhand Olympics & Portsmouth Parade of Sail

Kittery Point, ME & Portsmouth, NH

August 14, 2017 (the last two days aboard Roseway): Happy Birthday Brenden! We started off this morning at the Isles of Shoals anchored next to the Harvey Gamage. We chomped down on some breakfast burrito casserole and did our morning chores. We hoisted up the anchor and set…

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08/12/17 - Sailing and Problem Solving

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Connor, Hunter, Roslynn

We all started our day off with a nice breakfast of breakfast pizza. A watch set up breakfast this morning while the other watches were taking care of their own chores. After we hauled the anchor and set the sails we began to make our way up north. The day started off w…

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08/11/17 - Adventures in Gloucester

Gloucester, MA

Owen, Chandler, Amber

Day 4, we set out early at 6:30 am. We ate oatmeal underway to Gloucester, Mass. We climbed the rigging of the boat, 90 feet high above the ocean. The views are really nice. To climb the rigging we had to have a belayer so we didn’t fall in the water. People were scared…

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08/10/17 - Whales!!!

Provincetown, MA

Taylor, Claire & Kaden

August 10, 2017: For some of us the day began much earlier due to the previous night’s anchor watch. During the wee hours of the night we checked the boat upon every hour to make sure the boat was in working condition. We also killed time by writing poems about our experienc…

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08/09/17 - Exploring Appledore Island

Liam, Katie D., Dezirae, and Jack

August 9, 2017: Last night before we all went into our bunks we had an amazing opportunity to watch the moon rise from behind the island. During the night we had our first anchor watch, we had cookies and fruit for a snack. Some of the students had the last anchor watch of the ni…

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08/08/17 - A Good First Day aboard Roseway!

Callie, Tryston & Zoya

August 8, 2017: Before we left we all felt nervous because we didn’t really know anyone, we’ve never been sailing so we didn’t fully know what we were going to be doing on the ship. Upon seeing the ship we thought it was pretty cool. We then joined our new watch families, watch f…

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08/01/17 - Keep Calm and Carry On

Boston Harbor, Massachusetts

July 31, 2017: Journal written by Alejandro. I had no intention of writing in the group journal, much less my own which ironically I carry with me everywhere. They are meant to tell the stories of those they belong to, which honestly might be cool to think of, and in the end per…

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07/31/17 - Critical Self-Realizations

Gloucester, Massachusetts

7/30/17: Journal written by Antonio. Let's start this off with “Roseway! Ahoy!” Ima probably be saying that to myself back at home when I’m alone. But anyways, I would like to say that this whole journey was a true experience for me. I’ve learned many things about myself. From p…

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07/31/17 - Building a "Salt Family"

Gloucester, Massahcusetts

7/29/17: Aaron Stone, BDEA Teacher Good Day, Fellow Readers Currently we are docking the Roseway next to her sister the Adventure, a like schooner, one year younger, in Gloucester, MA. As our trip begins to end, I look forward to coming home, but still, after 16 days a…

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07/31/17 - Gratitude Journal

7/28/17: Teacher Sully’s Gratitude Journal Jazz: I love seeing the real you. For letting your valuable leadership qualities shine through.Mo: For being a mature, responsible strong woman. You are a role model. For your contagious positive attitude. Never lose that. Bra…

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