Ships Log

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08/27/15 - Deckhand Olympics and Climbing the Rig

B Watch: Darius, J-Flo, Cameron, Jada

The misdirected wind did not stop the Roseway from sailing out of Provincetown harbor. As we stood on active watch the sea spray gave us a refreshing dose of ocean water with salt spray washing over the bow. As the wind picked up, we felt like we were properly sailing. The heel m…

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08/26/15 - The Galley, the Bowsprit, and a Whole Bunch of Whales

Provincetown Massachusetts

A Watch: Alexus, Nia, Jarred, Maurice, Shylah

We woke up at 7:30 and ate some bomb cheesy grits by Head chef, Liz. Following breakfast we read our mad libs which were made in the early hours of the morning. We started our day with reading and reflections. And we struck upon Roseway gold and we got the opportunity to cook wit…

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08/25/15 - Seamanship Underway to Gloucester

C Watch: Tyra, Shaquel, Jakai, Jenna, Alexis

Started the day bright and early at 7:30. We had a rousing breakfast, followed by the Anchor Watch raps we had created earlier this morning. Everyone created an original song and they were all very funny. After that, we raised sail. Jakai and Cameron did a strong job helping with…

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08/24/15 - Leaders in Training Underway

Peddock's Island

B Watch: Jada, Jennifer, Darius, Cameron

The adventure was delayed because of certain obstacles that came our way. Nevertheless we had an insightful day filled with new things such as tying knots, how to do a boat check and we had the opportunity to climb the rig. Even though it was a bit scary, B squad was there to sup…

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08/13/15 - “We Don’t Want to Leave”


Watch B: Michael A., Sarah, Nick, Teddy K., Mika, Leda

The day started at 7:30 with loud wake-up call as usual. One we were up we began the day with a breakfast of eggs, sausages, and potatoes. Then we did our “I’m a stars”, did our morning cleaning and raised the sails. We headed out from P-town and headed towards the southern end o…

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08/06/15 - Whales Ho!

A Watch: Teddy P., Isabella, Sydney, Owen, Aiden H., Jacalyn, Arianna

Today, we woke up and went straight to work. Hauling up sails and coiling lots of line. Teddy did his first balentine coil. Then we had breakfast. Nutella was had. Lots of Nutella. This is the beginning of a day with epic proportions. Everyone had supremely loooooong watches. For…

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08/05/15 - Rainbows from the Rig

Stellwagen Bank

C Watch: Aidan, Emily, Tatyana, Niamh, Aliviya, Shannon, Hix,Michael C.

After our first anchor watch we all awoke to a wet morning, we could hear the distant rumblings of the thunder and the piercing brightness of the lightning. We braced ourselves for a rainy day. We then ate breakfast which consisted of eggs, sausage and pancakes that we had to eat…

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08/04/15 - Kids of New England Aquarium Set Sail

Boston Harbor

B Watch: Teddy P., Sydney, Isabella, Owen, Jackie, Aiden H., Arianna

To start our first day on the Roseway, we did an introductory circle activity with all campers and staff. We learned the names of everyone who would be on the ship. We did “I’m A Star’s” and it was really fun. You jump and make a star with your body by spreading your legs and ar…

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07/22/15 - Aloft!

Provincetown Harbor

Ship’s Log C Watch: Jesus, Taylor, Miguel, Paula

Our day began at night, under the lights of Provincetown Harbor, with the bioluminescence blinking green up at us from the water below. Squid flitted by the hull and the great, heaving back of a whale was seen shifting against the black sparkling water as we enjoyed delicious bro…

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07/22/15 - Whales from the Bowsprit


Ship’s Log B Watch: Hilda, Fatou, Ihsan, Mariela, and Aridyan

As we wake up to stars shining on the Roseway, we prepare for our first anchor watch. With a sweet midnight snack to wake us up from the rocking of the waves, we checked if the boat was in good health all around. In the free minutes we had in the darkness of the sky we continued …

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