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10/03/15 - No Matter What the Weather Brings . . .

Watch B

The past few days aboard Roseway have been quite invigorating. With Hurricane Joaquin approaching the weather has been furious providing the ship with plentiful rainfall, steady winds (varying from 20-40 kts) and surprisingly cold weather. We have been embracing the storm and e…

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10/02/15 - Look Closely at What is Close to You

A week ago, family, advisors, and friends waved goodbye from Gloucester Harbor as the Roseway sailed into the Atlantic and Ocean Classroom began its term at sea. Tomorrow, the group departs New London, Connecticut and sails into the Long Island Sound, keeping a careful eye on Hur…

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09/28/15 - Sharks, Imploding Submarine, and a Super Moon

Nick, James, Fisher

On the fourth day of our voyage, after waking up and having breakfast, we made our way to Woods Hole. After arriving, we toured the Knorr, an old research vessel most popularly known for locating the wreck of the Titanic. The ship has been retired after forty five years of servic…

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09/25/15 - Proctor Academy's Ocean Classroom is Underway

The first full day of Ocean Classroom 2015 Aboard Roseway is underway. At 0830 Roseway departed Gloucester Harbor bound for Stellwagon Bank and Provincetown beyond. The journey has just begun! Stay tuned for pictures, posts, and blogs as the students and crew delve in to their ni…

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09/02/15 - It Was A Seamanship Wednesday

Long Island

B Watch: Christina, Khanh, Nayely, Kiana, Karel, Tyler, Cullen

It’s our second day on the Roseway, and it’s tiresome tonight even though we had an amazing day of trying different things. Our day started at numerous times this morning when students were woken between the times of 11:00pm to 6:00am to attend Anchor Watch. Cullen: I felt exhaus…

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09/01/15 - Beacon Academy is Underway

Peddocks Island

A Watch: Vanessa, Erika, Ysael, Persia, Alene, Cole, Iara

It’s Beacon Academy’s first day on board the Roseway! We started off our day by introducing ourselves to each other. Then we did our opening circle and “I’m A Stars!”. We broke into watch groups and learned more about the boat. Once we underway, we raised 4000 lbs worth of sail…

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08/27/15 - Deckhand Olympics and Climbing the Rig

B Watch: Darius, J-Flo, Cameron, Jada

The misdirected wind did not stop the Roseway from sailing out of Provincetown harbor. As we stood on active watch the sea spray gave us a refreshing dose of ocean water with salt spray washing over the bow. As the wind picked up, we felt like we were properly sailing. The heel m…

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08/26/15 - The Galley, the Bowsprit, and a Whole Bunch of Whales

Provincetown Massachusetts

A Watch: Alexus, Nia, Jarred, Maurice, Shylah

We woke up at 7:30 and ate some bomb cheesy grits by Head chef, Liz. Following breakfast we read our mad libs which were made in the early hours of the morning. We started our day with reading and reflections. And we struck upon Roseway gold and we got the opportunity to cook wit…

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08/25/15 - Seamanship Underway to Gloucester

C Watch: Tyra, Shaquel, Jakai, Jenna, Alexis

Started the day bright and early at 7:30. We had a rousing breakfast, followed by the Anchor Watch raps we had created earlier this morning. Everyone created an original song and they were all very funny. After that, we raised sail. Jakai and Cameron did a strong job helping with…

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08/24/15 - Leaders in Training Underway

Peddock's Island

B Watch: Jada, Jennifer, Darius, Cameron

The adventure was delayed because of certain obstacles that came our way. Nevertheless we had an insightful day filled with new things such as tying knots, how to do a boat check and we had the opportunity to climb the rig. Even though it was a bit scary, B squad was there to sup…

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